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What is a Medicare Rebatable Midwife?

A Medicare Rebatable Midwife is a specialist Midwife that can offer Medicare Rebates for her services.

Is that like when you go to the GP & you get a Medicare Rebate?

YES! Exactly.

Does This include Pregnancy and Post Birth care?

YES! Exactly.

Does it matter what sort of birth I am planning or have?

NO! In fact research informs us that women benefit from specialist Midwifery support during pregnancy and after birth, regardless of the birth mode.

Is postnatal care provided in my home after I have my baby?

YES! Exactly. One hour (approx) consults are provided in the comfort of your home.

Currently women receive between ZERO (Private health care system) to TWO hours (Public health care system) of care postnatally in their homes. Medicare Rebatable Midwives can provide care in your home, on a needs basis, as often as you require in the first 7 weeks after your baby has been born.

Does it matter what number baby I am having?

NO! Not at all. It takes time and support to adjust to every new family member.

Contact Amy today to find out how you too can be support on your journey.

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